Data Cartridge Data Cartridge

A data cartridge is a device that is meant to be inserted into a computer or computerized paraphernalia. A small and portable apparatus, its main purpose is to store data or information. Early versions of the cartridge utilized magnetic media, and they were essentially known as tape cassettes, devices that were supplanted by other types of data storage device as computer technology and data storage evolved.

When it comes to magnetic tapes, the term "cassette" commonly refers to an enclosure that holds two reels with a single span of magnetic tape. The generic term "cartridge" means a single reel of tape in a plastic enclosure, packaged in a large determinant of the load and unload times and the length of tape that can be held. A tape drive that makes use of a single reel cartridge has a take up reel in the drive, while a cassette has the take up reel within itself.

These days, a data cartridge as a way of storing computer information is very obsolete when it comes to the most common applications. Nonetheless, the cartridge can still be used in backing up computer files. They can also be utilized in microprocessor-driven equipment today.

Video gaming is perhaps the most common application for the data cartridge. The cartridges have been used by video gaming equipments in order to hold game software, as well as hold the user's play data that have already been saved. Another modern usage of the cartridge is for portable equipments like computerized paper-cutting devices such as the Cricut, a device that uses data catridges in order to store various patterns and shapes that can be edited by the user prior to cutting them out with the machine.